Class Info

Mama Barre offers a full body workout focusing on low impact, high repetition, small and controlled movements. Each class will improve strength, flexibility and posture. You will build a stronger core and tone muscles throughout your entire body.  

The class is broken down to focus on different muscle groups; upper body, core (really focused on the entire class), thighs, and glutes.

Each series is a 6 week session, two days a week, 45 minute classes. You stay with the same group of moms the entire series and really build a positive, uplifting community. We also offer Pop-Up classes with drop-in availability for those unable to commit to a full series.

Many clients see results after just a few weeks. Modifications are available for all workouts.  No barre experience necessary, beginners welcome! If you're new to barre, please be sure to check out the Barre Newbie section to help prepare you for class.