My Story

Hi mamas!! I'm Nicole, a certified prenatal and postnatal barre instructor and a happily married mama of two beautiful children, Aden 5 and Myla 3.  I've been teaching barre since 2016, and have loved every second of it! 

Mama Barre was created in February of 2021. At the time, Aden was just about to start preschool, so Myla and I were home together most days. I loved my mama time however, I missed being in the studio teaching and taking classes regularly. Childcare wasn’t an option for us so this was my way of getting back into a more consistent routine without sacrificing time with my baby.

CA Yoga Barre, the studio I taught at weekly was able to provide the perfect space to begin my first series! I was able to bring my daughter, 7 months old at the time to class with which was absolutely perfect and I felt an easy transition!

Mama Barre started as a small class of eight, and has grown into a community of amazingly strong women who support each other to be their best selves! 💗